One Platform for all your needs

Use OIL’s platforms to easily manage your e-commerce. 

Enterprise inventory Management

Real-time stock insight in all your stores and warehouses, automatically integrated into your website.

The best shipment location

Let OIL automatically dispatch your order to the location that will process it the best.

Access to all marketplaces

Easily integrate and sell your assortment into marketplaces, webshops, POS platforms, marketing automation tools, service partners, LSPs and more.

Instore applications

With OIL, stores receive orders and get support for picking and dispatching the order. OIL also supports receiving returns in-store, ship from store and click and collect.


The TAS app helps commerce processes in store, like offering inspiration, inventory management per store and sales.

Mobile Assistant Sales

With mobile assistant sales, you’ll never have to let down a customer again. Something not in stock in store? Find the right product at the nearest store or easily order it online for your customer.

InStore fulfilment solutions

Make sure your customers are as happy as possible. With our InStore fulfillment solutions, you’ll always be able to order the right products at the right time, delivered at your store or to your customer’s doorstep.

All your products easily explained

With our omnichannel PIM, Product Information Management system, you’ll write and upload product descriptions fast and easy.

Pricing and Promotion

Use one system to change prizes, activate personal promotions, connect checkouts or add new payment partners.

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