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"We believe that the future of the retail landscape will revolve around omnichannel and unified experiences."

Our role in tomorrow's retail landscape

Consumers are raising the bar every day. Faster delivery times, a wider range of products and stock, and direct refunds for returns are just a few examples of the growing expectations of customers.

To deliver an omnichannel experience, webshop, physical shops, additional sales channels, available inventory and parties such as delivery and payment partners need to work together seamlessly.  

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Our solution for the rapidly changing retail world

Magnus Black, a Magnus Group company, develops affordable and flexible tools that make this happen and are easy to implement and maintain. Our solutions are suitable for 99% of (non-food) retailers.  

OIL is our omnichannel order management system. OIL is largely an out of the box product, which means that with minimal adjustments we can implement it quickly and affordably into a suitable system. OIL offers flexibility to the retailer, allowing them to keep up with the rapidly changing retail world. 

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