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Seamless customer experience with OIL’s PIM.

One of the main goals of CoolCat is to make the latest fahsion accessible todays youth. To do so, the collection has to be always available in all channels, in way that feels natural and fits the brand’s characteristics. Magnus’OIL provides the base for this.

Magnus OIL provides the base for this. OIL Product Information Management (PIM) and Order Management (OMS) coordinate all omnichannel processes and information flows in the CoolCat IT landscape. With its rich features and flexibility, OIL makes it possible to respond quickly to retail developments. This is what makes CoolCat future proof and ensures it stays ‘right on it’. 

Retailers working with us

Reaching the consumers of tomorrow today.

As a retailer, it is essentail to react quickly to a changing merket, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. OIL was able to lift the America Today shopping experience to the next level and improve their flexibility, to adapt to a millennial audience.

OIL provides America Today with an integrated solution for product management (PIM) and a complete order management solution. OIL’s various modules supply America Today with standard links for its Magento website, while enabling an easy integration to hook up external marketplaces. The entire infrastructure runs in the cloud. OIL ensures optimum flexibility and a reduction in operational costs. OIL the pivot for all omnichannel goals and ambitions.

“In OIL we have found the flexibility
that enables our IT-architecture to become future proof.”

Intersport in a league of their own.

Every customer brings new challenges, and every new challenge is an opportunity for OIL to grow as a product. So we couldn’t wait to tackle the complexity of bringing Intersport customers a seamless experience, on all channels, throughout the world. 

At Intersport International, OIL is used for omnichannel order management. Thanks to a clever combination of online webshops and local stores, Intersport can now serve its customers in new ways. Think of processes like collect-from-store, ship-from-store and return-in-store. And Customer Service departments of the various countries now have up-to-date information about the orders and their fulfillment, thanks to OIL. 

“This new architecture allows us to offer our customers both online and offline a better shopping experience, no matter where they are: at home, on the road or in one of our stores.”

“We have come to know Magnus as a committed and expert partner. Together with Magnus we have successfully implemented OIL in a complex and changing environment.”

Integrations with

“We were charmed by the business mentality of Magnus Black.
They really do business together, think along and, just like us, are always open to innovation.”


Blokker has everything that is needed to execute a serious omnichannel strategy

In the end of march Blokker took OIL in full use. OIL is the omnichannel management platform provided by Magnus Black. By doing this Blokker took a huge step in the rollout of an omnichannel architecture that fits the ambition of Blokker.


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