Enhance Your Return Policy For Today’s Delighted Consumer

Let’s dive right into it: Returns are a big deal in retail nowadays. The retail return rate for E-commerce and in-store has increased over the past years.  

And although it’s a curse from a cost, environmental and operations point of view, it’s a commercial opportunity as well. This article will solely focus on the latter. Fear not, we’ll blog about ways of preventing or minimizing returns soon!

Now, back to the topic of capitalizing on returns. Modern consumers simply appreciate the ability to return their purchases. This option gives them the flexibility to order multiple sizes or variations simultaneously and return the ones that don’t fit, knowing they’ll receive a refund. But this is only possible if your return policy is straightforward and seamless. This article presents you with four reasons why and four tips on how to improve return policies to keep your consumers happy. 

Return policy

Why does perfecting your return policy matter?

Here are four compelling reasons on why:  

  1. Increases customer satisfaction: A smooth and hassle-free returns process can turn dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates, which contributes to revenue growth. 
  2. Boosts revenue: Studies show that easy returns lead to higher customer spending and repeat purchases. 
  3. Streamlines operations: By optimizing your returns policy, you can reduce costs and improve efficiency across your supply chain. 
  4. Enhance brand reputation: If everything goes smoothly and the customer has a good experience. It can also contribute to a positive impact on the brand reputation. 

Tips to optimize your return policy ​

So, the return policy is introduced for several reasons, primarily to build trust, reduce the risk for customers and to ensure a positive shopping experience. But how can you make sure that it worksHere are some practical tips to get you started:

1. Offer multiple return options  

Define what return options you can offer, and which ones are most beneficial for the consumer and you. 
Drop off at a designated store location, arrange for pick-up from their doorstep, or initiate a return through convenient courier service(s). This variety of options ensures that customers can choose the method that best fits their preferences and schedule, enhancing their overall shopping experience and satisfaction. Furthermore making the option to return it in store more attractive, will also increase the opportunity to interact with the consumer in person and perhaps  cross- or upsell. 

Return policy

2. Simplify the process  
Include a step-by-step guide with visual illustrations in the package alongside the purchased item. Additionally, provide a dedicated section on your website where customers can easily access return instructions, including any necessary forms or labels. Make sure that there is a digital label so that the consumer doesn’t need to print it out. 

Also, when return options and refunds are dependent on specific items that are being returned or whether it’s the first, second or even third return within an order, be transparent about what the consumer may expect. 

3. Speedy refund
A delayed refund is one of the reasons for a bad return experience. Imagine a customer returning an item of clothing that doesn’t fit. They expect a prompt refund once the item is received by the seller. However, if the refund is delayed, it can lead to frustration and diminish the overall customer experience.  

4. Leverage technology
Invest in an Order Management System (OMS). A modern OMS manages the full lifecycle of an order across all channels. That lifecycle doesn’t stop at delivery, but also assists in optimizing return and refund processes. Just think of topics like reversed logistics, handling refunds on multiple payment methods and dealing with shipment and handling costs in case of (partial) returns.  


At Magnus Black, we work with many different retailers, and we’ve seen firsthand how optimizing returns policy can transform a business. Our OIL OMS not only streamlines the returns and refunds processes but also offers consumers alternative solutions when they’re considering returning items.

To sum it up, having an enhanced return policy is key in today’s disruptive omnichannel world. By implementing these practical tips and leveraging innovative solutions like the return capabilities of our OIL OMS, you can streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to elevate your returns policy and take your retail business to new heights! Visit our website to learn more!