Magnus Black OIL listed in Gartner Market Guide for Retail Distributed Order Management Systems

We’re proud to announce that our OIL solution has been included in Gartner’s Market Guide for Retail Distributed Order Management Systems! What a way to start 2023! 

Gartner is an independent research firm that publishes their Market Guide annually. Every edition, the guide provides the reader with insights into the market, trends, and leading vendors. A few weeks ago, Gartner contacted us with the news that we are included in this year’s guide. As the first and the only Dutch vendor, which makes us very proud! 

Gartner acknowledged Magnus Black OIL

What’s in the Guide?

Gartner’s guide contains a comprehensive description of the market that retailers are in today, it describes the fulfilment complexity companies face and how DOM solutions help to deal with this. The relevance of distributed order management solutions is definitely being underlined in this research. The guide offers insights into what to look for when orientating on a DOM solution. It clearly describes what the potential differentiating factors between solutions and vendors are. Besides this, Gartner also provides a glimpse into the future of the market and shares recommendations for retailers. Within the Guide, readers can also find a list of leading vendors and their profiles. You can read the full guide here

Why has Gartner included OIL in the guide?

Many vendors have been evaluated during the research and only the most representative vendors have been included in the guide. As mentioned we are very proud to have been listed in general and especially proud to be the only Dutch vendor and one of the few European vendors. 
OIL has been included by Gartner for a number of reasons:

  • OIL offers fitting solutions for the fulfillment complexity faced by retailers, brands and 3PL providers
  • OIL’s existing customer base
  • Gartner client inquiries

What is Magnus Black's takeaway?

Obviously, we are very proud to have been acknowledged by Gartner. What makes us even prouder is the interaction during our conversations with Gartner and our learnings from these sessions. It is evident that we offer the right capabilities and offer them in such a way that it brings true added value to customer fulfillment leaders. Our background in retail and digital commerce with both larger and smaller companies proofs to be very valuable. We live and breathe the fact that companies strive to meet the consumers expectations and the company’s desire to do so at the optimum cost.

This reassures us that we have a strong vision and that we are on the right track!

We’d love to share our thoughts on this with you and discuss your ambitions related to the exciting future ahead!

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