What are business rules examples in OIL?

It is almost impossible to list all the business rules in OIL as these are configurable and virtually unlimited in OIL. However we have tried to compile an overview of some of the most important business rules topics for you:

  • Configuring different Sales Channels (i.e. types, countries, processing options)
  • Setting up different Fulfilment channels and strategies
  • Setting up Inventory and stock levels including allocation rules
  • Fulfilment, Allocation and Dispatch orders and picking orders
  • Fulfilment options or restrictions (i.e. split, partial shipments, geo location options)
  • Rules regarding leadtimes, opening hours, holidays, cutoff times, etc
  • Rules for different payment (and refund) options per channel incl. reconciliation
  • Configure product data and rules (i.e. dimensions, priority, etc)
  • Configure rules regarding master data (i.e. stores, fulfilment locations etc)
  • Rules regarding customer preferences (i.e. location, timeslot delivery, CO2 neutral delivery, etc)

This is only small selection of all the business rules in OIL. There are many more as OIL is a highly configurable product that supports the various retailers and their retail processes.

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