Why overselling can be solved easily

Overselling is assumed as selling items more than actually available. This has impact on many business aspects, because orderes need to be cancelled and customer can get less satisfied. 

How OIL handles overselling

Overselling is hardly an issue that can occur in OIL as OIL manages stock reservations during its different process steps.

During processing the order, a stock reservation is made and the global stock level is reduced. OIL shares this information in near-real time to consuming partners where the stock levels are very accurate, using in memory technology.

OIL can re-route orders to any known stock location to process the order, when there is stock available.

Solving overselling example

If a sales channel or partner, for example, marketplace broker is too late with its processing and exchanged a sales order when stock DC stock is 0, the order is validated against the global available stock and dispatched.

If it is not possible to ship the articles, the order(line) will be cancelled and the refund process is triggered. How to follow up on these scenarios can be configured per channel.


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