How are inaccurate stock levels handled?

Inaccurate stock levels can be handled in two ways: proactively and reactively.

Proactively handeling inaccurate stock levels

  • Using our AI driven Smart Allocation Manager (SAM), fulfilment locations with unreliable/inaccurate stock levels will be determined as “less fit”/suitable will get fewer order allocations.
  • Reports will identify fulfilment locations with inaccurate stock levels due to the amount of mispicks, subsequently measures can be taken:
    • OIL’s inStore apps offer functionality to correct stock levels
    • Insights can be used as input when determining safety stock levels per fulfilment location or product.

Reactively handeling inaccurate stock levels

  • The order allocation and dispatch use the inventory levels to determine the best picking locations. If this location (warehouse, partner, store etc) cannot comply to the request, where an item can be mispicked or cancelled OIL OMS applies the configured rules. This can be:
    • Reallocate to the next best candidate(s)
    • Cancel the order line or order and refund the items of these are paid upfront
    • Provide information to start the back-order process
  • In all scenarios the customer is informed, and processes are automated. Rules can be configured per sales channel.

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