Omoda improves the customer journey with Tikkie payments

It has always been a little bit awkwardWhen shopping in a store you get the most personal service, for example when shopping for a new pair of shoes and trying them on, you’re truly being served first classBut then, when you’ve found your new pair of shoes, you’re simply directed towards the till. If you also end up in line at that point, the carefully constructed positive experience you had right before that will quickly fade away. 

Together with Omoda and Tikkie, we have given this a thought and tried to figure out how Tikkie payment could play a part in solving this challenge. One solution we came up with is paying your purchase using Tikkie on a tablet when closing the sales interaction. 

OIL Tikkie

How does this work? Actually, it’s quite simple. On Magnus’ Tablet Assisted Sales solution (TAS) the store employee has all the relevant information at hand; the full catalogue, prices, stock (locations) and customer information. On this basis, a “basket” can be created and promotions can be calculated. 

Once the basket has been created, the customer chooses the preferred payment method, of which Tikkie is one of the options. The customer receives a Whatsapp message or scans a QR code to receive a payment link. 

As soon as the customer finalises the payment, Omoda receives feedback that the payment has been completed., assuring the store employee that the purchased shoes can be handed over. 

This transforms the customer journey in an Omoda store completely. The store employee can service the customer end-to-end and doesn’t have to interrupt the experience by directing the consumer to the till. 

In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the purchase upon returning home, returns on these orders will also be automatically refunded via Tikkie. 

Magnus Black has included this functionality as a standard component in the TAS and in the OIL order management platform. 

Interested? Let us know, we are very proud of this development and are happy to demonstrate it! 

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