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Welkoop starts using OIL OMS

In recent months, Welkoop and Magnus Black have worked hard on the integration and implementation of the omnichannel order management platform OIL. This April, their new order management system OIL finally went live, just in time for the expected increase in crowds. For Welkoop, this is an important step in preparation of the expected digital growth and their online ambitions. With the implementation of OIL and the use of the associated iPad order pick and pack app, Welkoop is now able to process online orders more efficiently and reliably.

Michiel Arnoldus

12 June 2020

The deployment of OIL was considered a precondition for opening a second e-DC, an order channel which was needed to give consumers a better online ordering experience. 

Welkoop experienced rapid online growth due to corona and the accompanied lockdown. Opening a second e-DC was therefore needed to keep the quality of service at a high level. The 28th of April was considered as the joint deadline, and we are very proud to have met it, thanks to the drive and commitment of both Welkoop and Magnus

“The collaboration with Magnus is very pleasant! During the project, Magnus made us realize that we have to keep complex issues simple in order to develop further from there. With the result achieved, we are able to absorb and process the high order volumes, which are presenting themselves earlier than expected due to the corona crisis.” 

 – Martijn Verkerk, operational manager online at Welkoop. “

Important in the success of this project was that Welkoop realized early on the impact this would make. The implementation of OIL is a first step in further maturing Welkoop’s digital commerce landscape. It is always interesting to enrich existing mobile pick and pack functionalities so that they can also be used in e-DC channel. Together with Welkoop, we have been able to develop a good overview of these processes and tools.

Finally, a big compliment to the Welkoop team. Where we strictly focus on the implementation of OIL,  the Welkoop team also faced high operational pressure due to the corona crisis and opened a second e-DC at the same time. A very impressive achievement.


About Welkoop

Welkoop is a chain store offering consumers garden & animal supplies, they have 150 stores throughout the Netherlands.  Their goal is to help customers get more enjoyment out of the outdoors and their gardens 365 days a year.

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