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We offer you our OMS Resources because the retail landscape changes all the time and customers follow trends more than ever. These articles, blogs or whitepapers keep you up to date about all the development around order management systems, so you can identify and act on new opportunities as fast as possible. 

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What is ship from store?

Ship from store is a fulfillment option for online orders that makes use of the stores of a business. It means that orders can be picked and shipped by store personnel using store stock. Orders can originate from the usual webshop, but ship from store can also be useful for orders from marketplaces or other sales channels.

What is an order management system?

If you’re processing a high volume of online orders, keeping an overview of all your fulfilment processes and orders (from all channels) can be very hard. An order management system, or OMS, helps you with this.

An OMS automatically handles and tracks all your sales, orders, inventory and fulfilment cycles and gives you the overview and control that you need.  

What is omnichannel retailing?

The retailing landscape has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Not too long ago, physical stores were the only way to buy products. But nowadays, with the rise of different channels, omnichannel shopping has slowly become a new goal for retailers, B2C and B2B.

Meaning besides a store, channels like webshops and marketplaces are evenly important. Omnichannel retailing is about connecting these channels to offer your customer a unified experience. 

Whitepaper: The retailrace of 2022

The retail landscape is constantly changing. New technologies follow each other in rapid succession. As a retailer, you may ask yourself: which of these technologies should I implement? The choice you make depends on the type of retailer you are.

OIL: Info sheet

OIL provides the agility your digital commerce landscape requires. By centralizing all e-business logic in one flexible and configurable system you enable a fast go-to-market for new sales channels and adapt to changes in a blink of an eye. Want to find out more? Download our Info sheet!

Blogs & News

Ship from store during a pandemic

Ship from store is a fulfilment option that utilizes the stock in your stores for online orders. It has been around for a few years already. During the pandemic of the past two years, ship from store became a popular fulfilment option for retailers and customers. In this article, we will discuss what ship from store has to offer and if implementation is worth the investment, during and after this pandemic.

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Click and collect a pandemic trend

Click and collect: just a pandemic trend?

Although click and collect has been part of the omnichannel landscape for years, it has become even more relevant during the covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns, social distancing and other restrictions worldwide have pushed online sales to new heights and increased the demand for flexible delivery options. In turn, utilizing store inventory and personnel has never been more relevant to the retailer. In the below article, you will find all the ins and outs of click and collect: what it is, why it would be relevant, and what is happening in the click and collect landscape.

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OIL Hackathon

The OIL-store Hackaton

The OIL-store Hackaton Welcome to our blog! We’re Björn-Sebastiaan and Zoë, and we are part of the Magnus Black team. In our day-to-day job we develop and implement OIL, the omnichannel order management system of

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