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Consumer expectations are rising daily. They expect to buy items online and collect them from the store or vice versa. They expect online promotions while in the store, want to return offline what they’ve bought online… the list is endless. Consumers expect a full omnichannel experience.

Meanwhile, you as a retailer need to do everything you can to exceed these expectations. You will need to provide a coherent assortment across channels, manage orders and returns across channels, fulfill orders from different stock locations while keeping the customer informed. If the consumer only knew how much you care!

This calls for a smart omnichannel architecture with a central role for order management. Based on this idea, Magnus created OIL: the smart omnichannel order management platform.

Read all about the benefits of OIL and don’t hesitate to contact us for more info or a demo.

Click & Collect

A complex process made simple with OIL.

61% of customers
make unplanned purchases
when picking up their order

By providing customers the opportunity to shop online and then pick up from the store, additional touch points with the customer emerge. Besides offering convenience for the customer, this allows store employees to interact in person with the customer.

Magnus Black’s OIL enables retailers to provide this service by supporting this process end-to-end. From capturing the online order, to dispatching it to the best fulfillment location, while supporting store employees with the right tools for the collection process and cross- and upselling.

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“In OIL we have found the flexibility
that enables our IT-architecture to become future proof.”

Ship from store

Benefit from your store’s stock, by turning stores into virtual distribution points. Minimize the chances of being out-of-stock and capitalize on off-peak hours by letting the store employees pick orders.

ATP on unified stock

Know exactly what you can promise, based on a full view of your stock in stores, DCs and e-DCs. OIL’s ATP even takes reservations and delivery routes into account.

Customer loyalty

Make your loyalty program omnichannel. Either by letting OIL coordinate the earning and burning of points, or by making OIL the owner of the points and credits vault as well.

“This new architecture allows us to offer our customers both online and offline a better shopping experience, no matter where they are: at home, on the road or in one of our stores.”

Endless Aisle

Increase sales conversion.

Retailers employing
endless aisle gain
10% more sales

Wouldn’t it be awesome to never run out of stock again? And to be able to sell an endless number of products? This is the concept of Endless Aisle. Enabling you to sell your full assortment from your brick and mortar store, even if not physically there.

Magnus Black’s OIL allows retailers to make the most of this concept by opening up all stock information to the store employees so they can make the sale. Whether that’s on your existing POS or on our comprehensive mobile solution.

“We have come to know Magnus as a committed and expert partner. Together with Magnus we have successfully implemented OIL in a complex and changing environment.”

Manage returns across channels

Don’t enjoy returns? Who does?
OIL won’t make it any more enjoyable, but will make it easier for you. Handling returns and refunds the way you want.

Easy access to

OIL offers standard integrations with marketplaces, webshops, POS platforms, marketing automation tools, service partners, LSPs and more.

Curious to know which?

Manage channel specific assortments

Make the most of your product data by managing it centrally in OIL’s PIM, while providing uniform or context specific content to your sales channels.

Integrations with

Stories from our clients

Don’t just take our word for it.









€10+ B

Intersport in a league of their own

Every customer brings new challenges, and every new challenge is an opportunity for OIL to grow as a product. So we couldn’t wait to tackle the complexity of bringing Intersport customers a seamless experience, on all channels, throughout the world.
At Intersport International, OIL is used for omnichannel order management. Thanks to a clever combination of online webshops and local stores, Intersport can now serve its customers in new ways. Think of processes like collect-from-store, ship-from-store and return-in-store. And Customer Service departments of the various countries now have up-to-date information about the orders and their fulfillment, thanks to OIL.









€585 M

Sailing a new course: The ultimate omnichannel experience

We jumped at the chance to work with Zeeman, one of the largest textile supermarkets in Europe. While developing their new e-commerce platform Magento, we integrated our order and product management modules.
The fulfillment integration with the logistics service provider and the financial integration with Zeeman's ERP system were realized so that OIL can provide a central view on the entire ordering process.

"With the new platform, Zeeman focuses on cross-channel sales and the interweaving of channels for an optimal encounter with the customer", e-commerce manager Jacques van der Bom adds on Twinkle.

America Today








€58 M

Reaching the consumers of tomorrow today

As a retailer, it is essential to react quickly to a changing market, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. OIL was able to lift the America Today shopping experience to the next level and improve their flexibility, to adapt to a millennial audience.
OIL provides America Today with an integrated solution for product management (PIM) and a complete order management solution. OIL's various modules supply America Today with standard links for its Magento website, while enabling an easy integration to hook up external marketplaces. The entire infrastructure runs in the cloud. OIL ensures optimum flexibility and a reduction in operational costs. OIL the pivot for all omnichannel goals and ambitions.









€221 M

JBC Fashion anywhere, anytime.

JBC Fashion was looking for a way to create an optimal shopping experience, whether customers shop from home, on the road, or in one of their stores. OIL is at the heart of the architecture that makes this a reality, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results!
In 2018, JBC Fashion received the award for best omnichannel retailer in Belgium. According to the jury, JBC stands out with a successful integration of all back-end systems, offering customers an up-to-date omnichannel buying experience. From mobile and desktop, to store and kiosk. With OIL, JBC has laid the foundation for a seamless omnichannel experience.









€40 M

Transforming customer experience through TAS

Omoda is a family owned high-end shoe retailer, with over 20 locations in the Benelux, and an online presence in most of Europe. Omoda values customer service, and is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best customer experience.
To perfect the customer service, our Tablet Assisted Sales (TAS) solution plays a prominent role in-store. Store employees work with a tablet to help customers find the perfect shoe. If this shoe happens to be out of stock in-store, the consumer can order it on the tablet to be delivered at home, or to be picked-up at another location.









€120 M

Seamless customer experience with OIL’s PIM

One of the main goals of CoolCat is to make the latest fashion accessible to todays youth. To do so, the collection has to be always available in all channels, in way that feels natural and fits the brand's characteristics.
Magnus' OIL provides the base for this. OIL Product Information Management (PIM) and Order Management (OMS) coordinate all omnichannel processes and information flows in the CoolCat IT landscape. With its rich features and flexibility, OIL makes it possible to respond quickly to retail developments. This is what makes CoolCat future proof and ensures it stays 'right on it'.

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“We were charmed by the business mentality of Magnus Black.
They really do business together, think along and, just like us, are always open to innovation.”

Blokker: Alles in huis – copy

Blokker has everything that is needed to execute a serious omnichannel strategy

In the end of march Blokker took OIL in full use. OIL is the omnichannel management platform provided by Magnus Black. By doing this Blokker took a huge step in the rollout of an omnichannel architecture that fits the ambition of Blokker.


About Magnus Black

We build, implement and support OIL for leading retailers.

Starting with a clear vision on what was lacking in most omnichannel architectures and with 20+ years of retail experience, Magnus Black developed OIL: The smart omnichannel order management platform. Since 2013, we have implemented OIL for leading retailers in the Netherlands and internationally.

We enjoy working on the complex challenges retailers face. We understand the business and we love technology, in every aspect of IT. These are the ingredients that drive us every day to design and build out-of-the-box solutions with our OIL platform and to help retailers exceed their omnichannel ambitions.

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