The seamless omnichannel experience

For you and all your customers.

Meet current and future customer expectations with OIL, the platform that oversees and orchestrates all your orders for you. OIL connects your sales and fulfilment channels through one central layer to unlock all your omnichannel potential.


OIL order management solutions

One system for
all your orders

The ways consumers buy products continue to grow, with more stores, marketplaces and webshops. OIL processes orders from these different sales channels while keeping an eye on all your stock levels. 

Deliver from
different locations

Make the most of your inventory by setting up stores as additional fulfilment locations. OIL will determine the ideal picking location for every individual order, whether you value cost or speed of delivery.

Omnichannel return
and refund

Do you struggle with the complexity of omnichannel returns? OIL manages the hassle automatically and takes care of refunds as well, providing you and your customers with an omnichannel experience. 

Flawless integration with partners like

Meet our clients

OIL is up and running for clients like Coolcat, Zeeman and Intersport. So maybe you’ve already experienced OIL during your shopping process! 

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