How: Endless Aisle

Endless aisle

Here’s how we do it.

Product Information Management

OIL offers a centralized view on your products on our mobile solution. Generic or specific for this sales channel. Allowing consumers and store employees to extend the orientation phase in the store to the online available assortment.

Stock Management

OIL provides a central view on your stock levels across stores, DC’s, e-DC’s. Using OIL’s API’s, our mobile solution has access to this information. The consumer and store employee have access to stock levels across the available channels, enabling to make the purchase even if the wanted item is not physically present in your store. 

Order management

When the order has been placed, OIL makes sure the order is fulfilled. During this process OIL determines the best fulfilment location, reserves stock, reallocates picking orders in case of mispicks and tracks progress of the fulfilment. Fulfilment parties, the pickup location and the consumer are being notified and informed of status updates along the way. 

Tablet and Mobile Assisted Sales

OIL’s mobile solutions TAS and MAS support the consumer and the store employee during the orientation and the purchase. By allowing to extend the orientation to the online assortment, the conversion ratio will increase. Sell what you have in store, and directly upsell your online assortment to your customer. Decide with the consumer what the most fitting delivery method is for the items, so they can be fulfilled from other stock locations. When the consumer collects the order, the collection is captured in the TAS or MAS.