Blokker Engels

Blokker has everything thats is needed to execute a serious omnichannel strategy

In the end of march Blokker took OIL in full use. OIL is the omnichannel management platform provided by Magnus Black. By doing this Blokker took a huge step in the rollout of an omnichannel architecture that fits the ambition of Blokker.

Blokker views e-commerce  as a huge growing market for the company, in combination with the correct representation in the shopping streets, an omnichannel vision fits these ambitions perfectly. ’’The integration of online aspects in combination with the in-store processes has been the main focus of the implementation process ‘’ as said by Nander Stam, who carried out the project management on behalf of Magnus Black. The physical stores are now used as fulfilment locations for collect from store orders and online orders can be placed on the POS in-store without having to divert to the webshop.

In collaboration with Blokker Magnus Black has added Bill or Material and set of items to the order management. For example when Blokker offers a garden furniture set on their website, the items in this set can be sold as the complete set, but can also be sold, swapped or returned separately.

The project has been an intensive collaboration between Blokker and Magnus Black. We have gotten to know Magnus as a concerned and professional partner. ‘’Together with Magnus we successfully implemented OIL in a complex and changing environment’’- John de Keuning, Manager IT of Blokker.


Blokker is the store that offers everything that your household needs. Blokker holds over 430 stores in the Netherlands, with approximately 5.000 employees. Each year Blokker welcomes over 140 million shoppers (a combination of online and in-store shoppers)


Since 2013 Magnus Black has been building, implementing and supporting their omnichannel order management platform OIL for retailers in the Netherlands and abroad. Check for more information or get in contact with Michiel Arnoldus at 088 6966000.